eBook: $25

Basic Pack Price: $35 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

Dual Pack Price: $50 with WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING

Ditch your "bulky wallet"!

Maybe you have a "one hour show" in your wallet...but are you really using it?

Be simple and get our "Minimal Act". 
Routines that you WILL use. 
They are powerful, streamline and practical for the real world of casual or professional performances, all in the space of a slim and minimal card holder.

Available both in Black or Brown,10.6 x 7.2cm 

Genuine leather, keeping your daily essentials (credit cards, ID, money) that can also keep the "Minimal Act".

In the complementary eBook you will learn the "Minimal Act":

1. Candor: A simple and natural prop that will help you to reveal ANY Zodiac Sign. 
2. Solo: Only one playing card as prediction is left on the table. One card is mentally chosen using a fair procedure. 100% correct prediction.
 A new way to predict ANY playing card that you WILL USE.

3.Goal: A meaningful and powerful moment of mindreading, which features the UCCD, a new fun DIY gimmick that you can carry to create wonderful telepathic experiences.

As well as the main "Minimal Act", you will get in the eBook extra ideas to use in performance.

You can get the "Minimal Act" in three formats: Just the eBook, basic pack or dual pack.
In the basic pack, you will receive one leather slim card holder (black or brown, I will ask you privately after your order).
In the dual pack, you will receive BOTH black and brown slim card holders.

With your order you will receive:

1."Minimal Act" Genuine Leather Card Holder(s)
2. "Minimal Act" Complementary eBook with full instructions for all three routines of the act and more!

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